Inline Translation In Magento

System > Configuration > Select your site > Developer tab > Translate Inline
A common query that people are bringing up on the Magento forums is regarding finding the templates in order to edit your Magento theme – the FTP folder hierarchy makes this challenging to say the least! This can easily be solved by going into your Admin area and clicking System > Configuration > Select your site > Developer tab > Template Path Hints (change to Yes).   If you action this, you’ll then see what templates are populating your Magento site by visiting your home page – every different template that makes up your site is highlighted and the path is named for you… saves lots of messing about!
However – another handy tip, on the same section of your Admin, why not enable ”Translation Inline”.  This feature is even better, as you can literally edit the text “live” on your web-site, which means you don’t even need to FTP in and find the theme, you can simply change the textual elements of the site via your browser!  Now doesn’t that make it easier!

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  1. David

    Do you know how do I make a backup of those translations. My system crashed and now I need to put back an old backup system but if I do that I lose the translations I made.

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