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Magento Template Structure (contd.)

Block its content for output to the browser. Let’s take the right column; our content blocks set for this column on a standard theme could be: • mini cart • recently viewed products • newsletter subscription block • poll On receiving a request from a user connecting to our site to view the page: 1. […]

The template system architecture of Magento

The template architecture is broken into three areas—two for development of the theme and one for the containment of the assets: • /app/design/frontend/default/<template_name>/ layout/—For all the XML files declaring which module tied functions should be called to which template files template/—For all the templates processing the output that is passed from functions called from layout/ […]

Magento’s Architecture

Magento has a wonderful architecture behind its system. It’s a very strict architecture that relies on us knowing where the files should be placed and how to structure our templates and modules. But this is part of what makes Magento a great system, in that it enforces these standards. Here in this two-part article by Jamie […]